Motor co-ordinative roles of Nigella sativa oil in mice models of phenol-induced essential tremor

  • RO Folarin Olabisi Onabanjo University
  • OB Surajudeen Neurophytotherapy Unit, Department of Anatomy, Olabisi Onabanjo University
  • EO Omotosho Neurophytotherapy Unit, Department of Anatomy, Olabisi Onabanjo University
  • AO Owoniyi
  • DO Oyeleye
  • P Shallie
Keywords: Albino, Cerebellum, Essential tremor, Nigella sativa, Phenol


Background: Essential tremor, regarded as the world's most common movement disorder, is a neuronal disorder characterized by uncontrollable shaking (tremor) of different parts of the body. Nigella sativa is a medicinal herb with pharmacologically proven therapeutic potentials in various ailments including neurological disorders.

Objective: To evaluate the therapeutic roles of Nigella sativa on cerebellar phenotypes in phenol-induced mice models of essential tremor.

Methods: Tremor response, body weight, temperature, motor coordination (using the parallel bars and static rods tests), relative brain weights, cerebellar glutamate and Glutathione peroxidase (GPX) and histoarchitecture were assayed in 75 adult male BALB/cm ice weighing 21-30g. The animals, equally divided into five groups were respectively administered feed and water only (CTRL); 100mg/kg phenol and 1ml/kg Nigella sativa oil concurrently (PNSC); 100mg/kg phenol (P); 1ml/kg Nigella sativa oil followed by 100mg/kg phenol (NSP); and 1ml/kg Nigella sativa oil (NS).

Results: The PNSC, NSP and NS mice displayed significant weight reduction. Histoachitectural defects, stagnancy in weight, high Glutathione peroxidase (GPX) and high glutamate levels and poor motor coordination were exhibited by the P group. The CTRL and NS animals demonstrated good motor coordination while the PNSC and NSP groups showed better coordination than the untreated P group. The CTRL group showed no histoarchitectural defects while the NS and PNSC animals showed histoarchitectural regeneration.

Conclusion: This research affirmed the weight-reducing, neuroprotective, neuroregenerative and motor coordinating effects of Nigella sativa in the modelled tremor condition.


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