Sarcoma Botryoides of the Bladder in a Nigerian Child: A Case Report


  • A Oladimeji
  • G Akinyosoye
  • A Solarin Lagos State University College of Medicine
  • A Ayodele
  • M Abdulsalam
  • F Njokanma



Acute Kidney Injury, Bladder, Embryonal Tumour, Rhabdomyosarcoma, Sarcoma botryoides


Sarcoma botryoides of the bladder is a variant of the embryonal form of rhabdomyosarcoma that is characterized by protrusion of tumour cells and stroma into a body cavity like a bunch of grapes. Apart from the bladder, the embryonal form of this tumour can occur in other areas such as the vagina, nasopharynx, middle ear and common bile duct. One of its complications is obstruction of the bladder outlet, presenting as acute urinary retention and acute kidney injury. Pressure on the adjacent tissues and organs is also well recognized. It has an intermediate prognosis which depends on age, site and the extent of disease at diagnosis. We report a case of sarcoma botryoides in a 3-year-old Nigerian girl, confirmed by imaging and histology.

Author Biography

G Akinyosoye

Department of Paediatrics


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